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 I'm too LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY to work on this.

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PostSubject: I'm too LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY to work on this.    Mon Jan 17, 2011 11:17 pm

I thought I had this magnificent idea.. it still is kind of magnificent but I just got super lazy. o_______________o

It was a game called Divine Divided. The idea was based around two characters. Two sisters, one very kind and gentle, the other very mean and bitchy. The mean sister would always get in the way of the younger one, always trying to one-up her just to make her feel bad. The kind one would lose at first, but with the hard work that her mean sister was not willing to do, she would always defeat her in the end.

I wonder which one is the naise one? (Elaine & Arielle)

All of that would be fun and games until a boy came into their life. He was very handsome and sweet. Both girls tried to pretend they had no interest in him, but slowly they realized they both liked him and the battle was on. Who can bake better, who can clean better, who can look better, sing better, act better.. they got so caught up in their battle that they didn't realize that he was only going to be there for a short time. He took his leave in the middle of the night without even a goodbye.

Elaine's old home

But why would he not say goodbye to at least THEM? Questions arise and it seems that his disappearance is much more suspicious. The sisters continue to work against each other, trying to find out what happened to their beloved boy.

That was a little more story than I intended to give. lol. But I decided to drop Dark Wood Circus temporarily (I hadn't even started it yet lol) for this. 'Cause its pro.

The graphics as you can see are basically default RTP with a little bit more of a creative spin on them. All of my important characters will probably be custom.

The soundtrack is composed of MP3's. Mostly orchestral or piano pieces, or both. Here's a sample of the title music. :3

That's mostly what I was working on. I'm stuck now so I'm kinda like "Argh" whenever I open it. lolol


For RMVX graphical resources~
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I'm too LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY to work on this.
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