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 Favorite Places to Shop<3

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Favorite Places to Shop<3 Empty
PostSubject: Favorite Places to Shop<3   Favorite Places to Shop<3 I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 11, 2011 8:51 pm

That's right, this isn't just for RM Sites and blogs. :3
Feel free to share your own online shopping stores!

Visual You - Formerly known as LOLITA KISAMA, there's lots of cool gothic lolita, harajuku, and other cool clothing! I REALLY want the panda jacket from there! ;o;

Milanoo - This link leads to the lolita fashion, but they also have wedding dresses, lingerie, jewelery and more. I've never actually bought anything from here, but I might purchase pieces of Ookie's outfit from here. It's mostly nice to window shop here, hoping for an occasion where you might need something from there. xD

Shana Logic - Indie shopping~ They have VERY cute accessories and clothing here! I've purchased a bunny bag from here, and I really want that cupcake bracelet.. BUT IT'S $60!!!!! Dx - Just search for what you want and you'll likely find it. I usually search for random things here that I don't really need, and window shop a bit too. :3

Favorite Places to Shop<3 Blog_icon
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Favorite Places to Shop<3
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